Help Save South African Wines

Updated: Jan 21

COVID had devastated the South African wine industry. The re-entry into the the level three lockdown and banning of alcohol sales has severely impacted an already wounded industry that was only just starting to gain some positive traction during the 2020 holiday season with a possible loss of 21 000 jobs at risk.

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa has estimated a R68-billion loss potential revenue for the South African wine industry that includes wine sales and the hardest hit area being wine tourism which accounts for nearly 80% of the revenue generated by wine farms.

Whilst wine sales in South Africa has come to a grinding halt due to COVID, export sales have not and it is here that we see a glimmer of hope. With China and the US being the largest net importers of wine from South Africa there are opportunities to leverage off these existing markets.

China has imposed taxes on Australian wine of up to 212% severely impacting the Australian wine export market. It is here that the South African Wine industry can take advantage by offering an alternative source of wine and filling up the space left by the Australian wine market contraction, making it easier for the Chinese market to have have access to local wines. Through innovative marketing strategies will hopefully result in an increase in local wine being purchased internationally and simply put, help sell more local wine.

Winesellars is uniquely positioned in the Helderberg Wine Region of the Western Cape to support the local wine farms during this trying time by assisting with export wine sales utilizing our extensive network of industry contacts and unique and innovative marketing strategies.

Lets save South African wines together!

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